SPRNG Coach Spotlight: Emma Montgomery I SPRNG

SPRNG Coach Spotlight: Emma Montgomery

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Emma Montgomery is not like other health coaches and trainers. 2 years ago she was working 8 hours a day at a bank cashing bills, plugging in numbers, and running credit checks for her daily reps.


It was a gig she had grown used to over the last decade. Wake up, go to work, come home, and coach her 3-4 friends who were on journeys to lose weight. 


This little side coaching business had come on the whim of Emma recently experiencing her own fitness revival in 2012, with the birth of her son. After gaining 60 pounds and battling bouts of postpartum depression, she realized she had two choices: get healthy or stay where she was.


Let’s just say she jumped at the chance to make a change. 


Building the base…

It started with a 21-day challenge of clean eating she found on Facebook. This small group of people was on a mission to drop weight and reconnect with their bodies as a collective, so she decided to join. After smashing the challenge, she sought out other groups on similar ventures, hoping to fuel her newfound craving for health and wellness.


This led her to the ultimate fitness challenge in 2014—a bodybuilding competition. After jumping into a one-size-fits-all diet, she quickly realized that meeting her goals wasn’t going to come from a quick fix solution—so she found a macro coach.



*Queue the scene where the main character starts to fall deeply in love—except this love story is with nutrition.*


Some could call it a habit, others an obsession, but she was fully captivated by honing in her nutritional practices. And just like any 21st-century love story, Emma had to share it on social media—so she took to Instagram.


At first, it was the basics—family photos, a few progress pics, and the occasional grocery shopping haul. This quickly turned into a daily occurrence as her following expanded faster than one’s waistline after at a Chinese buffet.


Women were sliding into her DMs regularly, asking about her favorite midnight snacks, ab burning workouts, and other health tips. So much so that she couldn’t help but take on a few clients of her own.


“It happened very organically. I was sharing some of my meals on Instagram and people were loving it, so I just kept posting every day and watched as more started to follow my page.”


This just so happened to be the same season when Instagram fitness started to explode and virtual coaching was going from uncommon to mainstream—talk about perfect timing.


Nonetheless, Emma saw a bigger idea than pushing a small side business via the ‘Gram—she saw a major opportunity.


With her banker’s mentality, a collection of successful client testimonials, and a growing social following, she dove into researching group training programs.


The come up…

This wasn’t a mission to start a six-figure business—it was a mission to empower people to change their lives through fitness and food. What started as 4 clients quickly grew to 10, then 15, 20, until before she knew it, 80 people were coming to her every day for guidance on getting better.


“It was non-stop. I had so many people asking for me to coach them on nutrition and workouts, and all of it was happening on social media.”


From workouts to macronutrient guides and recipe breakdowns, people were hungry for her content and could not get enough. Only problem was, Emma was spending her 9-5 at the bank instead of on her business.


This left her the 5pm-5am window to pull together weekly content—talk about brutal. If you’ve ever thought about writing a nutrition guide at 2 am, after a full day of work, let’s just say it’s not easy.


This continued for months—work, coach, sleep, repeat. That’s when she made the decision to change it up.


Hustler mode activated…

The idea was simple—get more clients in her program, without reducing her price and undervaluing her knowledge. This meant re-engineering her entire marketing funnel to focus on one thing—group training.


“I quickly realized that I was undervaluing myself and because of it, I was left with fewer hours in the day and more work on the table.”


Similar to that first Facebook group she joined, Emma started pulling people together on her own page with her own nutrition info and workouts. After trial and error with small groups, Shred With Em was born.



This was no one-size-fits-all plan, no gimmicks, just raw uncut health content for 30 days straight. And all of this content came directly from Emma’s knowledge of the industry and the people that she interacted with on a daily basis.


Like any business, it started small but has grown incredibly strong over its two years.

Since its inception, Shred With Em has helped over 2,500 people change their lives. Not to mention grow a community of people who care about living healthier and better lives.


How Emma uses SPRNG…

Emma joined the SPRNG team in January 2020 and has been slinging her 30-day Shred With Em Course there for the last nine months. With SPRNG, she runs her entire course, engages with her clients, and shares new content every single week, all without needing to leave the application.


With that convenience has come a serious uptick in clientele. Just to give you some numbers before SPRNG, Emma was averaging 100 people in her one-month course. Since joining in January, she has seen her course grow to upward of 500 people with an average of 400—talk about some serious cheddar.


A few tips from Emma…

Today, Emma crushes her group training program that usually hits max capacity every month. And to top it off she takes a few one-on-one clients who are looking for a more personalized experience.


When asked what’s been the toughest challenge for growing her side hustle into a thriving business, her response is simple, “always look to be genuine and valuable to your followers. People won’t just give you money, you need to give them value first—the more you can give them value, the more they will trust you.”


We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Emma.


But people still want to know, “what’s the best piece of coaching advice you would give to other coaches?

“Create something you can be known for. Make sure people know what is special about you, and help others find what is special in them.”


Where you can find Emma…

Check out her new podcast where she talks about training, nutrition, personal development, and mindset.


Or head over to her Instagram to see what tasty meal she is whipping up next. And if you’re interested in getting your six-pack back and your nutrition on track, hit her up about joining her next Shred With Em course.