3 Best Apps For Health and Fitness Coaches I SPRNG

3 Best Apps For Health and Fitness Coaches

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So, you’re ready to boost your coaching business with an app.

Maybe you’re taking your gym virtual, or you might be ready to go from 1-on-1 training to more scalable group programs. Whatever the catalyst, moving to a coaching app is a great decision that’s going to open up the income potential of your business. 

We’ve been exactly where you are—sitting at the computer, searching for a solution that fits your business. 

Well, you’re in the right place. 

As a newer option in this space, we’re intimately familiar with the best apps available. After much delegation and deliberation, we’ve settled on the top three in the industry right now.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level with the help of a great coaching app, keep your eyes moving down the page, we’re about to drop some juicy details.

Here are the 3 best apps for coaches and trainers. 



Truecoach is one of the leading apps for virtual one-to-one coaching. In the app, you can track and measure client data, post self-branded videos within the Truecoach app, monitor your clients’ progress, and engage with your people.

Like the other apps on our list, Truecoach has helped its clients save a lot of time and confusion by creating one centralized place for a lot of your work as a coach. It’s the optimal place for those 1:1 coaches who are looking to have all their work located in one app.

As your client list grows, it’s important to switch to an app that can handle and organize all the data you’re collecting. Truecoach does just that, halting the time-sucking admin tasks that pull you away from the work you really enjoy.

Cost: Truecoach has a three-tier pricing structure—(1) $19/month for up to 5 active clients; (2) $49/month for up to 20 active clients; (3) $99/month for up to 50 active clients.

Who it’s for: Coaches and trainers taking their 1:1 programs digital. 



SPRNG is for coaches who want their own app to run group training programs. 

SPRNG is a little different from the rest. We might be the newest option on the list, but we’re the only one that allows complete customization and is purpose-built to run group training programs with unlimited income potential. 

Instead of broadcasting our own brand, we create an app for you and slip right out of sight. It’s completely private-labeled and tailored to you. Your customers will go to the app store, see and download your personalized app, and never even know SPRNG is behind the scenes taking care of the tech. 

Your SPRNG app packs in all the features needed to blow up your business’ income potential through group training. You’ll find a long list of super easy-to-use features like Automation, where you can automatically distribute programs and messages to your clients; a Content Portal, where you can keep exercise, meal, and other program content; and Referrals, where you can gain more clients easily with a built-in referral system.

SPRNG is the ideal choice for anyone looking to scale their coaching business with group training, whether they’re trainers, yogis, physicians, or dietitians.

Here’s what one of the coaches, Emma Montgomery, said about using SPRNG.

“It’s priceless in that it’s given so much time back to me! It is extremely user friendly, for both myself and my clients and the automation of my programs has given me more time to focus on other aspects of my business.”

Cost: SPRNG is different from True Coach and Trainerize because you’re getting your own app developed, not just getting access to tools and features. The cost is $2,500 for app development and includes the full app launch process getting your app into the app store. 

Who it’s for: Health and fitness entrepreneurs who want their own app. SPRNG is the best option on the list if you have an established audience that you’re ready to monetize through your own app. You should probably go with one of the other options if you’re just getting started.



A good fit for fitness clubs, Trainerize allows its users to share workouts and on-demand classes with their members. The app includes features like messaging, progress tracking, and group training.

If you own a physical location (or locations) that you want to take online, Trainerize is a good choice. It’s the industry leader in terms of users and boasts many of the largest fitness clubs as customers.  

Trainerize offers versions for everyone from independent trainers to enterprise clubs, but it really shines in the tools it provides multi-location clubs. 

Cost: You can use Trainerize for free if you only have one client. This is Trainerize’s version of a free-trial, allowing interested prospects to set up a profile and mess around with the app to see if it’s the right fit. Once committed, you can choose from three different payment plans: (1) $5/month for up to 2 clients; (2) $20-$200/month for 5-200 clients; (3) $250/month for up to 500 clients.

Who it’s for: Fitness clubs. If you’re looking for an affordable tool to take your club digital, Trainerize should be on your list. 

Your Own App is a Game-Changer

COVID changed the coaching industry for good. Your business can either thrive or die with the new realities of coaching. Whatever you find to be the right fit, adding a coaching app to your entrepreneurial toolbelt will be a big step in protecting and growing your business. 

While you’re here, take 20 seconds and schedule a free demo to see what your own app could do for your business. If you have an established audience, have been working 1-on-1 with clients, or you’ve got a group training program you want to move to your own app, this could be a game-changer for you