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We help health and fitness entrepreneurs launch their own app. We handle all of the technical work, you just run killer group training programs that grow your business.

The results have been impressive

Emma Montgomery

This app has been a game changer for my business! It has provided a far better customer experience for my clients! Easier access to the tools and resources I provide for them, and a better sense of community and interaction. It is extremely user friendly, for both myself and the client. The automation of my programs has given me more time to focus on other aspects of my business. This itself is priceless in the time it’s given back to me!

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Amanda Nighbert

I went from making $60,000 per year as a dietitian to grossing over $2.2 million dollars in 2019 using group training on the SPRNG platform. Having my own app changed everything. My income grew. My clients were happier. I was doing less work and making more money. The app basically runs my business now.

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Stop trading time for (not enough) money in one-on-one client relationships

We help you leverage the power of group training programs to scale your business, expand your influence, and unleash your income potential. Schedule a demo to see what’s possible with your own app.